Exercise Nomadic Elephant-XIV - Benefits of a joint exercise

 Exercise Nomadic Elephant-XIV

Updated on 7 October, 2019

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14th edition of Indo – Mongolian joint military training, Exercise Nomadic Elephant-XIV, will commence from 05 Oct 2019 to 18 Oct 2019 at Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh. About Indo-Mongolian Joint Exercise Nomadic Elephant 2019.

  •   The Mongolian Army is being represented by officers and troops of the elite 084 Air Borne Special Task Battalion while the Indian Army is being represented by a contingent of a battalion of RAJPUTANA RIFLES.
  • Nomadic Elephant-XIV aimed at training troops in counter-insurgency &counter terrorist operations under United Nations mandate
Benefits of a joint exercise between two nations:
  • Enhanced defense co-operation and military relations between the two nations
  • Ideal platform for the armies of both the nations to share their experiences & best practices and gain mutually during the joint training.
  • Anti-terror mechanism The joint training aims at evolving various tactical drills in counter-terror environment like Convoy Protection Drill, Room Intervention Drills, Ambush/ Counter Ambush Drills, while jointly conducting counter-terrorist operations under UN mandate
  • Interoperability: The joint training will also lay emphasis on conducting operations by a cohesive subunit, comprising of troops from both armies, in adverse operational conditions thus enhancing the interoperability between the two armies.
  •  Capacity Building: The training planned by both the contingents will go a long way in capacity building for conducting joint operations by the two armies. 
For India, defense exercise with Mongolia is a natural part of its “Look East” policy which aims to develop closer relations with East and Southeast Asian states with an aim to detect and eradicate terror in all its forms Also read: Asian elephants Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpesvirus (EEHV)

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