Context: India secured 168th rank amongst 180 countries  in the 12th edition of the biennial Environment Performance Index . 

Key highlights of the report:

  • The country scored 27.6 out of 100 in the 2020 index.
  • The global index considered 32 indicators of environmental performance, giving a snapshot of the 10-year trends in environmental performance at the national and global levels.
  • The 11 countries lagging behind India were — Burundi, Haiti, Chad, Solomon Islands, Madagascar, Guinea, Côte d’Ivoir, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, Myanmar and Liberia.
  • All South Asian countries, except Afghanistan, were ahead of India in the ranking.  
  • India scored below the regional average score on all five key parameters on environmental health, including air quality, sanitation and drinking water, heavy metals and waste management.

Suggestions for India: 

  • India needs to re-double national sustainability efforts on all fronts, according to the index. 
  • The country needs to focus on a wide spectrum of sustainability issues, with a high-priority to critical issues such as air and water quality, biodiversity and climate change.  
  • Real public participation in the policy process, a carefully structured regulatory strategy, open debate over goals and programs, the presence of a lively media, and a commitment to the rule of law all will correlate with out-performance over time.

Environment Performance Index

  • It is a biennial report published by Yale and Columbia Universities in collaboration with the World Economic Forum.
  • The index is a method of quantifying and numerically marking the environmental performance of a state’s policies.

Source: https://www.downtoearth.org.in/news/wildlife-biodiversity/india-must-redouble-sustainability-efforts-environment-performance-index-71603#:~:text=India secured 168 rank in,out of 100) in 2018.

Image Source: times now