Context: Andhra Pradesh Forest department plans to install a monitoring system through mobile application.

Do you know?

  1. It is listed as “Endangered” in International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) List.
  2.  It is protected under Schedule 1 of Wild Life Protection Act, 1972.
  3. It is listed in Appendix II in CITES

About Whale Sharks:

  1. According to several ecological studies, it has been observed that 48% of respondents have sighted whale shark in Bay of Bengal, while few (fishermen) thought that whale sharks are only concentrated in Andhra Pradesh coast.
  2. They are “filter feeder” meaning they feed on small organisms strained out of water and does not eat meat like other sharks. They are generally found in tropical oceans of world.
  3. Whale Sharks are the largest shark, and indeed largest of any fishes who travels large distances to find food.


1. Fishing Nets

2. Shipping Lanes

3. Gas Drilling