Why is it in the news ?

According to an analysis published in Carbon Brief, finds that Carbon dioxide emissions are poised to grow at their slowest since 2001 due to slower growth in coal-based power generation.

  • The Global Carbon Project reported that:
  • The top four emitters in 2017, which covered 58 percent of global emissions, were: China (27 percent) << US>.


The Global Carbon Project

It is a Global Research Project of Future Earth and a research partner of the World Climate Research Programme. 

  • It was formed to work with the international science community to establish a common and mutually agreed knowledge base 
  • In order to support policy debate and action to slow down and ultimately stop the increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The World Meteorological Organization has launched the World Climate Programme (WCP) which  primarily aims at enhancing climate services with adequate focus on user interaction, to facilitate evermore useful applications of climate information to derive optimal socio-economic benefits and thereby underpins the Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS).