• Union Power Ministry has drafted Rules providing for Rights of Electricity Consumers for the First Time. 

The main features are –

  • Reliability of service: SERCs to fix average number and duration of outages per consumer per year for DISCOMs.
  • Timely and simplified procedure for connection: Only two documents for connection up to load of 10 kw and no estimation of demand charges for loads up to 150 kw to expedite giving connection.
  • Time period of not more than 7 days in metro cities, 15 days in other municipal areas and 30 days in rural areas, to provide new connection and modify existing connection.
  • Bills of Rs. 1000 or more to be paid online.
  • Recognition to the emerging category of consumers known as “Prosumers”. 
  • Persons who are consumers and have also set up a rooftop units or solarised their irrigation pumps. 
  • They will have right to produce electricity for self-use and inject excess in the grid using same point of connection up to limits prescribed by the SERC.
  • Compensation / penalties for delay in service by DISCOMs; compensation to be automatic as far as possible, to be passed on in the bill.