Draft Norms For Setting Vehicle Scrapping Unit

 Draft Norms For Setting Vehicle Scrapping Unit

Updated on 16 October, 2019

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The transport ministry has issued draft guidelines for setting up authorized vehicle scrapping unit facilities.

  • According to the guidelines issued for comments from stakeholders, including the public. 
  • The ministry will accept comments until November 15.
Why we need a Vehicle scrapping unit facility?
  • The National Green Tribunal noted in July that the number of ‘end of life vehicles’ will be over 21 million by 2025. 
  • About 9 million vehicles, of which 75% are two-wheelers, will be due for scrapping by next year.
What is a requirement to set up a vehicle scraping Unit?
  • The entities setting up this unit will have to meet the minimum technical requirements for collection and dismantling in the guidelines issued by the CPCB.
  • Environment, quality management, and occupational health and safety certification must be obtained within six months of starting operations.
  • Owners of vehicle scrapping facilities must undertake to abide by the provisions of labour laws, Minimum Wages Act, Employees Provident Fund Act, and the Workmen Compensation Act.
  • Scrapping facilities should be set up in a large area with adequate space for vehicular movement and must have radioactive detection equipment and certified de-polluting equipment.
What is the category of vehicles covered under the guidelines?
  • The guidelines will be applicable to vehicles:
  • A vehicle without valid registration, 
  •  voluntarily scraping of vehicles by the owner 
  • where enforcement authorities have to scrap vehicles impounded or seized by them or in accordance with any court directions.
Salient features of the draft scrappage policy:
  • The policy legalizes the scrapping industry.
  • Facilities will get connectivity and access to the VAHAN vehicle registration database with password-protected user IDs and will be authorized to make a record of transactions related to the scrapping of the vehicle
  • States/Union Territories may notify additional eligibility requirements for the facility to ensure sustainability, adequate capacity, and environmental protection.
  • Car manufacturers will also be able to set up their own scrapping centers, which will promote their sales.
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