Context:The Ministry of Tourism has launched its "DekhoApnaDesh" webinar series to provide information on the many destinations and the culture and heritage of our Incredible India.

More about the news:

  • Showcasing India’s rich culture:
    • Series of webinars will be an on-going feature and the Ministry would work towards showcasing the diverse and remarkable history and culture of India 
    • It also includes showcasing its monuments, cuisine, arts, dance forms. natural landscapes, festivals and many other aspects of the rich Indian civilization.
    • It is based mainly on tourism awareness and social history
  • ‘City of Cities- Delhi's Personal Diary': The first webinar
    • It was part of a series that touched upon the long history of Delhi as it has unfolded 8 other cities.
    • Also each of these 8 cities are unique in its character and they leave behind traces which makes Delhi the magnificent city that it is today. 
    • The recent session was conducted by the India city walks for the Ministry of Tourism.
  • Launch of webinar in public domain soon:
    • The next webinar is on the 16th of April from 11 am to 12 noon and shall take visitors to the amazing City of Kolkata.
    • The webinar will be available in public domain soon.

Significance of the initiative

  • Boosting tourism sector
    • Owing to Coronavirus pandemic, tourism is hugely impacted with no domestic or international movement. 
  • However with the use of technology it is possible to visit places and destinations virtually and plan travels for a later date.


Image Source:Economic times