GS2: Polity

GS2: Health

GS3: Economy

GS3: Disaster Management:

  • Glacial lake burst or avalanche? Scientists to leave for Uttarakhand disaster site today (IE) Retreating glaciers, like several in the Himalayas, usually result in the formation of lakes at their tips, called proglacial lakes, often bound only by sediments and boulders. If the boundaries of these lakes are breached, it can lead to large amounts of water rushing down to nearby streams and rivers, gathering momentum on the way by picking up sediments, rocks and other material, and resulting in flooding downstream.

GS3: Science and Technology

  • Arab world’s first probe near MarsThe five-tonne Tianwen-1 includes a Mars orbiter, a lander and a solar-powered rover that will for three months study the planet's soil and atmosphere, take photos, chart maps and look for signs of past life.