GS2: Governance        

GS2: International Relations    

  • In Persian Gulf littoral, cooperative security is key(TH) The relationship with Iran, complex at all times and more so recently on account of overt American pressure, has economic potential and geopolitical relevance on account of its actual or alleged role in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iran also neighbours Turkey and some countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Caspian Sea region. Its size, politico-technological potential and economic resources, cannot be wished away, regionally and globally, but can be harnessed for wider good.

GS3: Environment        

GS3: Internal Security       

GS3: Economy       

GS3: Economy        

  • Relying on India(IE) As India looks at opening up after four phases of lockdown, it is seeking to find new doors and windows of opportunity. It is aiming to discover possibilities for spurring inclusive, equitable growth, to discover new value chains that would create wealth, to harness the untapped human potential and optimally utilise the natural resources.
  • What India’s economy needs as we reopen it(Mint)  As the lockdown is lifted, the first challenge is to harmonize and synchronize the resumption of activity across states. With each state’s reopening calibrated differently, depending on covid severity, efforts at value generation will run into a web of controls that call for varied responses by economic agents.
  • Gross Value Added numbers and the economy(TH) The output or domestic product is essentially a measure of GVA combined with net taxes. While GDP can be and is also computed as the sum total of the various expenditures incurred in the economy including private consumption spending, government consumption spending and gross fixed capital formation or investment spending, these reflect essentially on the demand conditions in the economy. From a policymaker’s perspective it is therefore vital to have the GVA data to be able to make policy interventions, where needed.