GS1: Society

  • Culture and peace (TH) India’s concerns over the UN resolutions that portray only three religions as victims of religious hatred are completely valid, and it is important that they are broadened to include every community that faces religion-based violence. It is also important that the government thwarts Pakistan’s particularly insidious attempts to create a controversy against India at this time, by pushing these resolutions as India steps to take its two-year seat at the UN Security Council.

GS2: Polity 

  • MPs raise concerns over exemptions in privacy Bill (TH) Ten members of the 30-member joint parliamentary committee on the Data Protection Bill, 2019, have moved amendments against the provision in the legislation giving power to the Central government to exempt any agency of the government from application of the Act. The members have said this clause makes the entire act infructuous.
  • Plea to declare emergency unlawful (TH) The Supreme Court is scheduled on Monday to hear a 94-year-old widow who wants the Emergency proclaimed in 1975 to be “wholly unconstitutional”.

GS3: Economy

GS3: S&T