GS2: Polity      

  • Re-enfranchise the forgotten voter(TH)  Service voters (government employees) posted away from home can vote through the Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System (ETPBS). Classified service voters (e.g., military personnel) can do so through their proxies. The ECI has said that it is testing an Aadhaar-linked voter-ID based solution to enable electors to cast their votes digitally from anywhere in the country
  • When bail is exception(IE) By the Supreme Court’s own admission, prisons are overcrowded and potential hotbeds of COVID-19. High Power Committees (HPC) created in each state interpreted the SC’s orders as a direction for creating a classification on the basis of offence and sentence.

GS2: Governance        

 GS2: International Relations      

  • India must not cast anchor in ‘Enrica Lexie(TH) Immunity of state officials has to be governed by specific multilateral or bilateral treaties or agreements. It should not be tangentially brought in to settle issues of jurisdiction. Besides, even if Italian marines are considered as state officials, they were deployed on an Italian commercial vessel.

GS3: Science & Technology        

  • Explained: Covid’s Kawasaki symptoms(IE) Kawasaki disease affects children. Its symptoms include red eyes, rashes, and a swollen tongue with reddened lips — often termed strawberry tongue — and an inflamed blood vessel system all over the body. There is constant high fever for at least five days. The disease also affects coronary functions in the heart.
  • Explained: NASA research says the Moon is more metallic than thought before. What this means(IE)" Out on a mission to look for ice in polar lunar craters, the LRO’s Mini-RF instrument was measuring an electrical property within lunar soil in crater floors in the Moon’s northern hemisphere.
  •  Indigenous Indian COVID19 vaccines in the global race to end the pandemic(PIB) We can inactivate a whole virus with heat or formaldehyde (that is 'killed'), yet keep the antigen molecular structures still intact. However, the inactivated virus will not be able to infect or cause disease, as it is no longer functional. The Bharat Biotech's COVAXIN uses the virus isolated from an Indian patient by the National Institute of Virology to develop the inactivated virus vaccine.
  • Pathogens and prediction(TH) At this stage, potential harm from G4 EA H1N1, the new strain, has just been flagged by scientists who predict risk from emerging pathogens. Knowledge of the existence of the virus in pig farms in China has been present since 2016.
  • Detecting RNA virus in saliva samples using Raman spectroscopy(TH) “The RNA virus detected could be a common cold virus as well or any other RNA virus such as HIV. It doesn't look for COVID-19 viral-specific signature,”

GS3: Agriculture        

  • Atmanirbhar in Agriculture(IE) On the agri-imports front, the biggest item is edible oils — worth about $10 billion (more than 15 mt). This is where there is a need to create “aatma nirbharta”, not by levying high import duties, but by creating a competitive advantage through augmenting productivity and increasing the recovery ratio of oil from oilseeds.

GS3: Economy        

  • Why has Indian Railways opened doors for private players?(TH) n 2015, the expert panel chaired by Bibek Debroy constituted by the Ministry of Railways a year earlier, recommended that the way forward for the railways was “liberalisation and not privatisation” in order to allow entry of new operators “to encourage growth and improve services.” I
  • Economic revival now hinges more on services sector(Mint) In 2004-05, services constituted 43.5% of the economy. By 2019-20, the proportion had jumped to 50.4%. Given this, any recovery can only happen with the revival of services.
  • A debt recast should go along with bank reforms(Mint) Under normal circumstances, banks could have taken recourse to India’s bankruptcy resolution mechanism. But this lies suspended for the rest of the year, and even after it is back in force, market conditions may be so weak that banks would be unable to extract sufficient value from the assets they take over.
  • Shri Gadkari Reviews Chambal Expressway Project with MP Chief Minister(PIB) Union Minister emphasises on expeditious environment clearance, land acquisition and royalty/local tax exemptions Rs 8200 crore Project passing through MP, UP and Rajasthan envisages connecting Bhind to Kota Provides cross connectivity with Golden Quadrilateral's Delhi-Kolkata corridor, North-South Corridor, East-West Corridor and Delhi-Mumbai -Expressway