GS1/3: Migration/Disasters    

  • Disasters displace lakhs: study(TH) The report also offers a snapshot of data on forests, water, waste, air, land, wildlife and other natural resources. It notes that there were 747 more tigers in 2018 than in 2014. However, the net area meant for tiger conservation shrunk by 179 square kilometres

GS2: Polity      

  • Explained: What is the Essential Commodities Act, and how will amending it help?(IE) There is no specific definition of essential commodities in The EC Act. Section 2(A) of the act states that an “essential commodity” means a commodity specified in the “Schedule” of this Act.
  • Law on locusts(IE) The Directorate administers statutes like the Destructive Insects and Pests Act (1914), its 1992 amendment, and the Insecticides Act (1968), neither of which is specific to locusts. For locusts specifically, one should look towards the East Punjab Agricultural Pests, Diseases and Noxious Weeds Act (1949), which is also applicable in Delhi.

GS2: Governance      

GS2: International Relations   

GS3: Economy       

GS3: Defence Infrastructure    

  • Swiss cheese and defence reforms(TH)When applied to a nation’s defence preparedness, the Swiss cheese model, in its simplest form, works the reverse way. The slices represent the major constituents in a nation’s war-making potential, while the holes are pathways through which the domains interac

GS3: Environment