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GS2: Welfare Schemes for Vulnerable Sections

GS2: Structure, Organization & Functioning of the Executive and the Judiciary

GS2: Issues relating to Poverty and Hunger.

GS3: Indian Economy, Mobilization of resource

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GS2: Welfare Schemes for Vulnerable Sections

  • How Labour Codes act against migrant workers Labour laws, which are intended to perform a redistributive function and correct power relations between employers and workers, are now being weaponised against the working class

GS3: Indian Economy, Mobilisation of Resources

GS2: Issues Relating to Development & Management of Social Sector/Services: Education

  • One year on, the NEP report card Pandemic has slowed it down, needs of children cannot be addressed only online. Every stakeholder at the state, district, sub-district, block level has to take ownership of the policy.

GS2: India and neighbourhood-  relations

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GS3: E-Technology in the Aid of Farmers

GS3: Science and Technology

  • Coir geo textiles. Coir geo-textiles are used for improvement of sub-grade soil strength in road pavements and stabilization of side slopes. Coir geo-textiles have been used in various places for improving the properties and strength of sub-grade soil layer by providing a physical separation of sub-base and sub-grade layers. It is also used for side-slope protection, as it can retard soil erosion. The Indian Road Congress (IRC) has also accredited the use of coir geo-textiles in construction of roads. 

GS2: Devolution of Powers & Finances to Local Levels & Challenges Therein

  • Sabki Yojna Sabka Vikas Under Article 243 G of Constitution, Panchayats have been mandated for preparation and implementation of plans for economic development and social justice. Thus, Panchayats have a significant role to play in the effective and efficient implementation of flagship schemes/programmes on subjects of national importance for transforming rural India.

GS3: Infrastructure