GS2: Polity

  • A politics of avoidance that must be questioned(TH) Since questions are generally ‘pointed, specific and confined to one issue only’, they tend to elicit specific information from the government; our parliamentary history records instances of answers given to questions leading to wider debates, inquiries, and even administrative scandals.

GS2: Governance 

  • Mind the gaps in India’s health care digital push (TH) In the government sector there are many existing practices and systems for compilation of data as in the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme and the Health Management Information System (IDSP-HMIS) apart from all learning acquired over the years by staff in those systems and practices.
  • OPEN CAMPUS CHALLENGE( NEP 2020) (IE) he attempt to attract foreign universities can also be seen in the context of earlier collaborations with institutions outside the country. In 2015, the Ministry of Human Resource Development implemented the Global Initiative of Academic Network (GIAN) to enable the country’s higher education institutions to invite world-class scholars, scientists and researchers.

GS2: Govt. Schemes

GS2: Social Issues

  • Should the age of marriage for women be raised to 21? (TH) Delhi-based NGO Partners for Law in Development undertook an analysis of cases reported under the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act (PCMA), 2006, to understand who used the law the most and to what end. The data analysed comprised 83 High Court and District Court judgments and orders between 2008 to 2017 and found that in 65% of the cases PCMA was used to punish elopement of two consenting older adolescents.

GS2: International Relations

  • India proposes G-20 principles on cross-border movement (IE) A Ministry of External Affairs statement said, “External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar proposed development of voluntary ‘G20 Principles on Coordinated Cross-Border Movement of People’ with three elements: a) Standardisation of testing procedures and universal acceptability of test results; b) Standardisation of ‘Quarantine procedures’; c) Standardisation of ‘movement and transit’ protocols.”

GS3: Environment

  • "Experts flag concerns on EIA notification- (TH) Environment Ministry Secretary, R.P. Gupta, told The Hindu that nothing in the proposed EIA, 2020 violated the UN Declaration of Human Rights and that the rapporteurs’ concerns were “misplaced”. The proposed EIA was still a draft and issued for public consultation and that there were several imperfections in the existing EIA that were to be amended in the new notification.

GS3: Science and Tech

  •  "Promotion of Digital and IT based payment of fees through FASTag(PIB) As per Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989, FASTag had been made mandatory since 2017 for registration of new four wheeled Vehicles, and is to be supplied by the Vehicle Manufacturer or their dealers. It had further been mandated that the renewal of fitness certificate will be done only after the fitment of FASTag for the Transport Vehicles.  Further that, for National Permit Vehicles, the fitment of FASTag has been mandated since 1st oct 2019.