GS1: Geography

GS2/3: Polity/Economy

  • States scrape the barrel as revenues dry up(TH) : Revenues from own taxes account for just under half (45%) of the total revenues of the States, according to a Reserve Bank of India study of state finances; central transfers account for 47.5%. Of the own tax revenues, 90% comes from taxes on liquor, petroleum products, stamp duty and registration of vehicles.

GS2: International Relations

GS3: Agriculture

  • Krishi Pradhan(IE) Need of the hour is to maximise possibilities of agriculture, which has demonstrated its utility and resilience in trying times.

GS3: Economy

  • Unheard and unseen(IE) As we grapple with a health, economic and humanitarian crisis of epic proportions, the immediate need is to provide emergency relief to cushion the effects of the dual shocks of the virus and lockdown on informal workers.

GS3: Environment

GS3: Science & Tech