GS1: Modern History       

GS2: Polity        

  • A change that hit federalism, inclusion(TH) The two core ideas that he consistently advocated were: peace would not ensue in J&K without guaranteeing respect for the democratic rights for its people; to ensure that the most important tool would be a rigorous pursuit of federalism within the State. Both of these are particularly salient in the present context.

GS3: Defence Policy        

GS3: Economy        

  • Panel on labour suggests social protection for informal workers(Mint) Stress has been laid on definitions of certain terms, as the committee felt that the definition of gig workers needs to be more specific and that of platform workers needs to be expanded.
  • The govt and RBI face a trilemma regarding PSBs(Mint) It is clear that it is not possible to: (i) have dominance of government banks (public sector banks) in the banking sector; (ii) retain independent regulation; and (iii) adhere to public debt-gross domestic product (GDP) targets." The government along with RBI cannot hope to achieve all three points at the same time.

GS3: Science & Technology