GS1/2 : Migration/Governance      

  •  Filling the absence In terms of employment, the occupational profile of short-term migrants is different from that of long-term migrants as they are more engaged in construction activities

GS2: Polity       

  • HC asks A.P. govt. to reinstate Ramesh Kumar(TH) The High Court found merit in Mr. Ramesh Kumar's argument that the power conferred under Article 213 of the Constitution to promulgate ordinances was not an absolute entrustment but conditional upon the satisfaction that the circumstances exist for such an action.
  • Mr. Mehta’s Lecture(IE) Unlike the Attorney General, the SG is not a constitutional but a statutory authority; he appears on behalf of the government in court.
  • Law that produces losers(IE) - Industrial Dispute Act Now that the enterprises have been freed of the size threshold, entrepreneurs get no advantage in dwarfing their firms. Other reforms can soon follow, such as allowing for workers’ representation in a firm’s supervisory board, as it happens in Germany.

GS2 : International Relations   

  • Anchoring ties with Canberra the virtual way(TH) The two countries have sought to reconstruct their increasingly turbulent regional geography into the Indo-Pacific and while grudgingly in the past, and often in fits and starts, seen the Quad (with Japan and the United States) as the most potent instrument to promote cooperation; not surprisingly, causing apprehensions in Beijing.
  • Explained: What is Trump’s executive order, targeting social media platforms?(IE)  The order gives federal regulators the agency to take action against online platforms that are seen as censoring free speech.
  •  United Nations Award to Indian Army Officer Major Suman Gawani(PIB) She visited various mission team sites across South Sudan to integrate gender perspective into the planning and military activity in the mission. The officer was selected to attend a specialised training on Conflict Related Sexual Violence (CRSV) at Nairobi and participated in various UN forums to demonstrate how a gender perspective can help in protecting civilians, especially from conflict related sexual violence.

GS3: Economy