GS2: Governance

  • Intention to abet suicide cannot be assumed, it has to be evident: SC(TH)The police have to establish that an accused wanted to abet the suicide. ‘Abetment’ is defined in Section 107 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). Its ingredients consist of instigating a person or to intentionally aid a person to do or not do something. Similarly, the crime of ‘abetment of suicide’ under Section 306 of the IPC involves instigating or actively aiding a person to take his own life.
  • 99% of Indian cities declared ODF,Bengal Data pending(IE) Open defecation, however, has been a problem mainly in rural areas, and India has claimed that as of last year, all 5,99,963 villages of the country have attained ODF status by construction of the required toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission-Rural scheme. On Gandhi Jayanti last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the achievement of this target.

GS2: Women related issues

  • Laws protected women, children(TH)Union Minister for Women and Child Development addressed the United Nations General Assembly early on Friday morning on the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action to highlight India’s achievements in gender equality.

GS2: International Relations

  • INDIAN NAVY (IN) - BANGLADESH NAVY (BN) BILATERAL EXERCISE BONGOSAGAR AND IN-BN CORPAT The second edition of Indian Navy (IN) – Bangladesh Navy (BN) Bilateral Exercise Bongosagar is scheduled to commence in Northern Bay of Bengal on 03 October 2020. Exercise Bongosagar, whose first edition was held in 2019, is aimed at developing inter-operability and joint operational skills through conduct of a wide spectrum of maritime exercises and operations. In the upcoming edition of Exercise Bongosagar, ships from both navies will participate in surface warfare drills, seamanship evolutions and helicopter operations.

GS3: Environment

  • Pathways to diversity(TH)  In New York, member-nations of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) took note of the link between biodiversity loss and the spread of animal pathogens, calling for an end to destructive industrial and commercial practices. There is consensus that conservation targets set a decade ago in Aichi, Japan, to be achieved by 2020, have spectacularly failed. Evidence is presented by the latest UN Global Biodiversity Outlook 5 report: none of the 20 targets has been fully met.
  • China's Climate Commitment(IE) Net-zero is a state in which a country’s emissions are compensated by absorptions and removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. Absorption can be increased by creating more carbon sinks such as forests, while removal involves application of technologies such as carbon capture and storage.

GS3: Economy

  • Flagging cess non transfer, its economic impact(TH) A major reason for the proliferation of cesses in India is to be found in the inter-governmental fiscal arrangements. Article 270 of the Constitution requires the Union government to distribute the proceeds from all Central taxes listed in the Union List based on the recommendation of the Finance Commission. However, Article 271 excludes the distribution of the revenue from any surcharge or cess levied by the Union government for any specified purpose.
  • Mobiles to get dearer as govt. slaps duty on panels(TH) The duty on display assembly and touch panel was proposed to be applied from October 1 under a phased manufacturing programme (PMP) announced in 2016 in consensus with the industry.
  • Ministry,IBBI bat for ARCs bidding on stressed assets(IE) Under current regulations, Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) are not allowed to bid for equity in stressed companies directly, though they can acquire equity through conversion of debt into equity. Allowing ARCs to participate would improve the probability of distressed companies receiving resolution plans.

GS4: Ethics and integrity