GS1: Indian Geography

The IMD says India has just finished a satisfactory northeast monsoon. What is this monsoon? (IE)  The year that just went by witnessed the rare meteorological coincidence of the northeast (winter) monsoon making its onset on the same day as the southwest monsoon withdrew officially.


GS1: Modern History

Explained: Who was Lord Curzon, to whose table the West Bengal Governor recently referred? (IE) Lord Curzon, India’s Viceroy between 1899 and 1905, was one of the most controversial and consequential holders of that post. The partition of the undivided Bengal Presidency in 1905 was one of Curzon’s most criticised moves


GS2: Governance

Data mismatch: Is rural India 100% open defecation-free like Swachh Bharat data concludes? (TH)


While data released by the Swachh Bharat Mission (Gramin) showed that all the villages in many States were open defecation-free, data from a recent survey by the National Statistical Office debunk this claim

NITI Ayog's SDG report flags huge worries about hunger, poverty in India (DTE) India’s standing vis-a-vis United Nations-mandated goals has improved marginally, but the country has slipped in key areas, related to food security, livelihood and standard of living.

When defection is a mere detour for an MLA (TH) It is possible to avoid Karnataka-like incidents if MLAs jumping ship are completely disqualified for six years

Mannequins to handle traffic surveillance (TH) Dummy police also equipped with secret cameras to take pictures of violations


GS2: Social Issues

Delivering TB vaccine intravenously vastly improves efficacy: study (TH) Nine of the 10 animals that received the vaccine were highly protected when exposed to TB bacteria six months after vaccination


GS2: Schemes for Vulnerable sections of society.

Minimising the housing divide (TH) India requires an integrated housing development strategy for the rural context


GS3: Environment

In 2019, 95 tiger deaths in India, 22 incidents of poaching, says MoEFCC  (TH)


‘Less than 100 tiger deaths for the first time in three years’


GS3: Science and Technology

In Haryana, scientists develop India’s own brain template, Brahma (Mint) Brahma will be a crucial guide for Indian scientists to study intrinsic details about the anatomy of the Indian brain

 India boosts radar satellite count with two launches in 2019 (TH) Among the significant but low-profile Indian space missions of 2019 were the launches of two Radar Imaging Satellites, RISAT-2B and RISAT-2BR1.


GS3: Economy

Should the FM tweak direct taxes to spur the economy? (TH) A small reduction will not impact slowdown, but will provide some relief to the salaried classes