• When the Indian Ocean’s ancient climate patterns return(TH) By studying microscopic zooplankton called foraminifera, the team had published a paper in 2019 which first found evidence from the past of an Indian Ocean El Niño. Foraminifera build a calcium carbonate shell, and studying these can tell us about the properties of the water in which they lived.

GS2: Polity        

GS2: Governance        

 GS2 : International Relations   

  • On the warpath against terror financing(TH)  The FATF is not a part of the UN system, but it functions out of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development headquarters in Paris, since it was started in 1989 after a decision by members of the G-7 and the European Commission.
  • In border claims, reimagining South Asia’s boundaries(TH) One of the major problems of South Asian politics is that it has to flow from within a state-centric paradigm. State-centrism, within the assumption of a South Asia, has given the state structure the propriety to be the sole arbiter of disputes, if any, among communities and regions falling within the territorial limits of nation states.
  • Russia agrees to speed up defence deals(TH) India has been asking Russia to speed up deliveries of the S-400 long range air defence system in addition to spares and support for military hardware.

GS3: Environment        

GS3: Science & Technology   

GS3: Economy       

PIB Corner    

  • “Statistics Day” to be celebrated on 29th June, 2020(PIB) It has been designated as one of the Special Days to be celebrated at the national level and is celebrated on the birth anniversary of Prof. P C Mahalanobis, on 29thJune, in recognition of his invaluable contribution in establishing the National Statistical System.