GS2: Governance

Explained: Takeaways from Bodo Accord (IE) Bodos are the single largest community among the notified Scheduled Tribes in Assam. Part of the larger umbrella of Bodo-Kachari, the Bodos constitute about 5-6% of Assam’s population.


GS2: International Relations

In European Parliament earlier: Detained seamen, Afzal Guru’s hanging, Delhi bus gangrape (IE) In 2016, the EU body adopted a resolution on Estonian and UK seamen under detention in India.

The many problems of delayed data (TH) What the NCRB can do to present more time-bound and accurate data on crime


GS2: Governance

Suspected coronavirus in Delhi: What is India’s disease outbreak investigation protocol? (IE) The National Health Portal of India lists a 10-step procedure to investigate an outbreak, including preparing for fieldwork,


GS3: Environment

"African cheetahs to prowl Indian forests (TH) The Supreme Court on Tuesday lifted its seven-year stay on a proposal to introduce African cheetahs from Namibia into the Indian habitat.

Explained: Why India wants to bring the African cheetah to India (IE)" The plan for this was first mooted in 2010. On January 28, the Supreme Court allowed the Centre to introduce the animals in 'carefully chosen environment

10 more wetlands in India declared as Ramsar sites (TH) India has added 10 more wetlands to sites protected by the Ramsar Convention,

10 more wetlands from India get the Ramsar site tag. (PIB) The aim of the Ramsar list is to develop and maintain an international network of wetlands which are important for the conservation of global biological diversity and for sustaining human life through the maintenance of their ecosystem components, processes, and benefits. Wetlands declared as Ramsar sites are protected under strict guidelines of the convention.

GS3: Economy

‘E-commerce giants need to set up a system for collecting plastic waste’ (TH) E-commerce giants Amazon and Flipkart need to fulfill their extended producer responsibility under the Plastic Waste Management Rules, 2016

EU motion calls CAA ‘discriminatory’ (TH) Five groups at the European Parliament tabled a joint motion resolution on Tuesday that “condemned” India’s decision to adopt the CAA.


GS3: Science and Technology

What is Spitzer Space Telescope (IE) The Spitzer Space Telescope is a space-borne observatory, one of the elements of NASA’s Great Observatories that include the Hubble Space Telescope and the Chandra X-Ray.

Dr Jitendra Singh launches Bhuvan Panchayat V 3.0 Web portal (PIB) The Web Geoportal is an easy to use Geo portal developed for database visualization, data analytics, generation of automatic reports, model-based products, and services for the benefit of Gram Panchayat members and other stakeholders. The targeted audience for this portal are Public, PRIs and different stakeholders belonging to the gram panchayats