GS2: Polity

  • Now, outsiders can buy land in J&K Under the newly introduced J&K Development Act, the term “being permanent resident of the State” as a criteria has been “omitted”, paving the way for investors outside J&K to invest in the UT..
  • India designates 18 persons based in Pak. as terrorists The Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), 1967, as amended in August last year empowers the MHA to designate individuals as terrorists. Earlier, 13 individuals were designated as terrorists.

GS2: International Relations

  • U.S. to support India’s defence of territory The observations about the threats to Indian sovereignty came as New Delhi announced the signing of the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement on geospatial cooperation (BECA) with the U.S.
  • India’s outreach to Myanmar The recent announcement of initiatives establishes India’s presence in sectors where it ought to be more pronounced
  • The Gilgit-Baltistan game plan If Islamabad integrates the region into Pakistan, that would serve its own interests as well as China’s

GS3: Economy

GS3: Science and Tech

  • Water on the Moon: a discovery, an estimate, and why it matters Apart from being a marker of potential life, water is a precious resource in deep space. For astronauts landing on the Moon, water is necessary not only to sustain life but also for purposes such as generating rocket fuel. NASA’s Artemis programme plans to send the first woman and the next man to the Moon in 2024, and hopes to establish a “sustainable human presence” there by the end of the decade. If space explorers can use the Moon’s resources, it means they need to carry less water from Earth.