GS1: Modern /Post Independence History    

 GS1: Geography  

  • Explained: Why the present heatwave in North India is unusual(IE)All the moisture, that was otherwise built during the thunderstorm and rainfall, got gradually depleted from over vast areas as the storm advanced towards West Bengal and Bangladesh between May 16 and 20. It has now triggered dry north-westerly winds to blow over Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra causing severe heatwave.

GS2: Polity       

 GS2/3  : Polity/S&T   

GS2: International Relations

GS3: Economy     

  • The monetisation question(IE) Monetisation of the deficit does not mean the government is getting free money from the RBI. If one works through the combined balance sheet of the government and the RBI, it will turn out that the government does not get a free lunch, but it does get a heavily subsidised lunch.

GS3: Disaster Management        

GS3: Science and Tech