The Hindu

Prelims (Map marking)

GS2: Parliament and State Legislatures—Structure, Functioning, Conduct of Business, Powers & Privileges and Issues Arising out of these.

GS2: E-governance

GS3: Indian Economy-Mobilisation of Resources

  • Risks and rewards The asset monetisation push needs careful calibration to evade future hazards

GS3: Environmental pollution and degradation

GS2: Bilateral, Regional and Global Groupings and Agreements involving India and/or affecting India’s interests.

GS2: Schemes for vulnerable section

GS2: Functioning of Judiciary

GS2: Indian Constitution- Significant Provisions and Basic Structure

Indian Express

GS1: Indian History

GS1: Geographical phenomenon

GS2: Govt policies and interventions for development in a sector

GS2: India and neighbourhood-relations

GS3: Indian Economy- Inclusive growth

Down To Earth

GS3: Environmental pollution and degradation

GS3: Agriculture