GS2: Polity        

  • A time for reform in courts(TH) The Supreme Court Rules, 2013 should amend provisions pertaining to Special Leave Petitions (SLPs). Article 136 of the Constitution enables people to file a petition seeking leave to appeal a decision of any judicial or quasi-judicial authority. 

GS2 : Schemes     

GS3: Economy       

  •  How India can become self reliant(TH) Much has changed since the self-reliance model of the Nehruvian era, so a perspective for Indian self-reliance in science and technology (S&T) and industry in a globalised world is long overdue.
  • Why RBI should now be our lender of first resort(Mint) Its monetary easing tools are turning blunt even as the government relies on lending for an economic revival. Perhaps RBI could fight credit-risk aversion by buying corporate bonds

GS3: Infrastructure

GS3: Agriculture       

GS3: Science and Technology