GS1: Culture        

GS2: Governance        

GS2: Polity        

  • SC urged to set up 11judge Bench on quota cap(TH) “Article 15(4) and Article 16(4) have not been interpreted in the context of Indira Sawhney [judgment]... There are still a large number of people who are still backward”.      
  • Taking jobs closer to people(IE) Another great feature of the NRA-CET Combo is that the CET score of the candidate shall remain valid for three years from the date of declaration of the result. The best of the valid scores shall be deemed to be the current score of the candidate and there would be no restriction on the number of attempts to appear in the CET subject to the upper age limit.

GS2: International Relations       

  • The uncharted territory of outer space(TH) The proposed involvement of private players and the creation of an autonomous body IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorisation Centre) under the Department of Space for permitting and regulating activities of the private sector are welcome efforts.

GS3: Economy        

  • Making agricultural market reforms successful(TH) PM-AASHA: The main objective of this programme was to provide an assured price to farmers that ensured a return of at least 50% more than the cost of cultivation. The programme was confined to pulses and oilseeds to limit the fiscal costs, although many other crops, which did not receive the benefits of the MSP-procurement system, also needed this coverage.
  • An unserviced sector(IE) The share of manufacturing in India’s GDP has remained stagnant around 16 per cent for nearly three decades and we are nowhere near the 2022 target of 25 per cent. As a result, India’s growth story has been driven by services, which has a 55 per cent share in the economy.
  • Explained: Why RBI sent Rs 76,315 crore to its Contingency Fund(IE) The Currency and Gold Revaluation Account (CGRA) is maintained by the Reserve Bank to take care of currency risk, interest rate risk and movement in gold prices. Unrealised gains or losses on valuation of foreign currency assets (FCA) and gold are not taken to the income account but instead accounted for in the CGRA.
  • NITI Aayog releases report on Export Preparedness Index (EPI) 2020(PIB) The structure of the EPI includes 4 pillars –Policy; Business Ecosystem; Export Ecosystem; Export Performance – and 11 sub-pillars –Export Promotion Policy; Institutional Framework; Business Environment; Infrastructure; Transport Connectivity; Access to Finance; Export Infrastructure; Trade Support; R&D Infrastructure; Export Diversification; and Growth Orientation.