GS1: Art & Culture

GS1: Geography

GS2: Polity


  • At the edge of a new nuclear arms race(TH) The U.S. report also claims that Russia has conducted nuclear weapons experiments that produced a nuclear yield and were inconsistent with ‘zero yield’ understanding underlying the CTBT, though it was uncertain about how many such experiments had been conducted.
  • Explained: What’s behind diplomatic tensions in the South China Sea? This past week, Beijing unilaterally renamed 80 islands and other geographical features in the area, drawing criticism from neighbouring countries who have also laid claim to the same territory.

GS3: Economy

GS3: S&T 

Team led by IIT Bombay student develops low-cost mechanical ventilator Ruhdaar(PIB)" The Government has said that “the COVID-19 infection curve has begun to flatten and that the outbreak is under control”.