GS1: World History

GS1: Art and Culture

GS2: Polity and Governance


GS2: International Relations

GS3: Science and Technology

  • Use of liquid oxygen only for medical purpose: Centre(TH) It has asked plants to maximise their production of liquid oxygen
  • What’s changed in second wave(IE) Because an asymtomatic person, who carries the virus, would have spread the infection. In India, experts say, 80-85% of the population are asymptomatic. They continue to be the largest carrier of the virus, and in a closed indoor setting, asymptomatic person will transmit the virus even when he or she is talking. Also, asymptomatic people don’t isolate themselves in a home setting.
  • Steel sector companies doing their best to supplement Medical Oxygen supply in the country(PIB) Steel plant requires gaseous oxygen, primarily for steel making and for oxygen enrichment in Blast Furnaces, apart from some general purposes like lancing and gas cutting. Hence Captive Oxygen Plants in Integrated Steel Plants are designed to produce primarily gaseous products of Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon and then routed through Pressure Reduction & Management System (PRMS) to meet the process need at desired pressure.