GS2: Govt. Schemes   

GS2: Bilateral Relations       

GS2: International Relations 

 GS3:  Agriculture   

  • A 1991 movement for agriculture(IE) Proposed reforms in agri-marketing laws address longstanding needs of farmers. They could build efficient supply chains, ensure better products for consumers.
  • Hardly the 1991 moment for agriculture(TH) The three reforms regarding agricultural marketing were the reforms in the Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee (APMC) Act, the Essential Commodities Act, and on contract farming. All of these have been in discussion for almost two decades, with the APMC Act having already seen substantial reforms in many States.
  • Cash transfer for farmers The legal framework of the MGNREGA scheme does allow this on farms owned by people of SC/ST communities, and on the lands of marginal farmers.

GS3: Economy       

 GS3: Environment