GS1: Geography       

  • Explained: Why scientists want to map the ocean floor(IE)  knowledge of bathymetry — the measurement of the shape and depth of the ocean floor — is instrumental in understanding several natural phenomena, including ocean circulation, tides, and biological hotspots. It also provides key inputs for navigation, forecasting tsunamis, exploration for oil and gas projects, building offshore wind turbines, fishing resources, and for laying cables and pipelines.

GS2: Polity    

GS2: Governance        

  • Education gap widened: UNESCO(TH) “Even as governments increasingly rely on technology, the digital divide lays bare the limitations of this approach. Not all students and teachers have access to adequate internet connection, equipment, skills and working conditions to take advantage of available platforms,

GS2: International Relations       

  • Bad to worse(TH) n another round of tit-for-tat manoeuvres, India, followed by Pakistan, has decided to halve the strength of diplomatic missions in each other’s capital.
  • Pakistan to remain on FATF ‘greylist’(TH) Wednesday’s development came on a day when Pakistan expressed its disappointment over the US blocking a proposal to designate an Indian national in Afghanistan as a global terrorist.

GS3: Economy       

GS3: Schemes        

GS3: Internal Security        

GS3: Science & Technology