GS2: Polity        

  • Judicial indiscipline(TH) And the 1992 judgment, while upholding the validity of the Tenth Schedule to the Constitution, the anti-defection law, also declared that Para 2 — a part of which is now under challenge and is the ostensible reason for the High Court to entertain the petition — does not violate the freedom of speech, vote or conscience of elected members.
  • Case for presidential system(IE) In the absence of a real party system, the voter chooses not between parties but between individuals, usually on the basis of their caste, their public image or other personal qualities. But since the individual is elected in order to be part of a majority that will form the government, party affiliations matter.It is a perversity only the British could have devised — to vote for a legislature not to legislate but in order to form the executive.

GS2: International Relations        

GS3: Science & Technology        

GS3: Economy        

  • NPAs may soar to 20-yr high: RBI(Mint) The rise in bad loans may further reduce the ability of banks, especially the weak ones, to extend credit, and the government may have to infuse more funds into state-run banks to build stronger buffers that can absorb loan losses.