GS1: Modern History

GS2: Polity

  • No 100% quota(TH) Supreme Court is right in considering cent per cent reservation as anathema to the constitutional scheme of equality even if it is for the laudable objective of providing representation to historically deprived sections.
  • Uddhav’s nomination to Council: Issues in Constitution A fortnight on, Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari is yet to act on the Cabinet’s recommendation — even as the Chief Minister’s current term in office approaches its end. A constitutional crisis looms.

GS2: Governance

GS3: Economy

  • FFC: Focus on design, not stimulus  size(Mint) The FFC advisory council felt that the magnitude of the impact of the ongoing lockdown on public finances is uncertain, but will certainly be significant
  • Explained: To print more money, or not to With the economy stalled, there isn’t enough money in the market for the government to borrow. Can it ask the RBI to print more money? How does this process work, and what are the arguments against it?

GS3: S&T