GS1: Culture    

  • Tamil Nadu govt. gives go ahead for jallikattu  An official release said that bull taming sports like jallikattu, manjuvirattu and vadamadu would be permitted with a maximum ceiling of 300 tamers. A maximum of 150 racers will be allowed in the traditional bull race of erudhu vidum vizha across the state. 

GS2: Polity   

GS2: International Relations 

GS3: Economy  

GS3: Science & Technology

  • Shigella explained: The intestinal infection is not deadly in most cases (IE) Shigellosis, or shigella infection, is a contagious intestinal infection caused by a genus of bacteria known as shigella. The bacteria is one of the prime pathogens responsible for causing diarrhea, fluctuating between moderate and severe symptoms, especially in children in African and South Asian regions.