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GS1: Indian History

  • Govt. website changes content on Mughals A paragraph describing the Mughal Empire as one of the greatest ever was removed from a government website, KnowIndia.gov.in, after some Twitter users flagged it to the Union Culture Ministry on Monday

GS2: India and neighbourhood- Relations

GS2: Scheme for vulnerable sections

  • Finding a healthy way to cook As questions arise over the Ujjwala scheme’s success, it would be prudent to introduce alternative clean sources of energy

GS3: Indian Economy, Mobilisation of resources, Inclusive Growth

GS3: Energy

GS3: Disaster and disaster management

GS2: Govt policies for development of a sector

GS3: Defence Technology

GS3: Environmental Conservation

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GS2: Pressure Groups and Formal/Informal Associations and their Role in the Polity.

GS2: Parliament and State Legislatures—Structure, Functioning, Conduct of Business, Powers & Privileges and Issues Arising out of these.

GS2: India and Neighbourhood-Relations

GS3: Indian Economy

  • UCBs: RBI panel for four-tier structure The committee, headed by former RBI Deputy Governor NS Vishwanathan, has proposed setting up an umbrella organisation to oversee co-operative banks and suggested that they should be allowed to open more branches if they meet all regulatory requirements.

GS3: Environmental Pollution

  • Explained: Delhi new smog tower the technology, the evidence, the impact Polluted air is sucked in at a height of 24 m, and filtered air is released at the bottom of the tower, at a height of about 10 m from the ground. When the fans at the bottom of the tower operate, the negative pressure created sucks in air from the top. The ‘macro’ layer in the filter traps particles of 10 microns and larger, while the ‘micro’ layer filters smaller particles of around 0.3 microns.