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  • The politics of an aerial snare (Prelims- International Civil Aviation Authority) Why the investigation into the forced landing of a Ryanair aircraft in Belarus could be long-drawn-out

GS2: Issues Relating to Development and Management of Social Sector/Services relating to Health

GS3: Environmental Conservation

GS2: Functioning of judiciary

  • How judges recuse e from cases and why When there is a conflict of interest, a judge can withdraw from hearing a case to prevent creating a perception that she carried a bias while deciding the case.

GS2: Issues related with federalism

GS3: Transport & Marketing of Agricultural Produce & Issues & Related Constraints

GS3: Major Crops Cropping Patterns in Various Parts of the Country

Indian Express

GS2: India and neighbourhood-relations

GS2: Welfare Schemes for vulnerable sections of society

GS3: Changes in industrial policy and its effects

  • Draft rules for e-commerce and its impact The government has proposed changes to the e-commerce rules under the Consumer Protection Act. What changes for online shoppers and for companies? How is it similar to the rules for social media companies?

PIB Corner

  • Toycathon-2021 Toycathon 2021 was jointly launched by the Ministry of Education, WCD Ministry, MSME Ministry, DPIIT, Textile Ministry, I&B Ministry and AICTE on 5th January 2021 to crowd-source innovative toys and games ideas.