GS2: Polity        

  • NFRA sets up advisory committee(TH) The TAC, which comprises seven members, including the Chairman, would, among other things, aid and advise the Executive Body of the NFRA on issues related to the drafts of accounting standards and auditing standards.

GS2: Governance: Health    

  • Why are re-purposed medicines expensive?(TH) India has used compulsory licensing only once in 2012 for Sorafenib. Section 92 of the Act enables grant of compulsory licensing in circumstances of national emergency or extreme urgency. Compulsory licences may not be the solution in all such situations. Nevertheless, the pricing will have to reflect the magnitude of the crisis and the socioeconomic realities in individual countries.

GS2: International Relations       

  • Explained: The new tech cold war(IE) For a lot of countries, a viable 5G rollout will need Chinese firms. But the 5G network in China relies on key components from the US — and the new American restrictions on the use of chipmaking tools mean Huawei could face shortages in the supply of specialist chips.
  • Common cause at sea(IE) The Quadrilateral traces its origins to the great Asian tsunami of December 26, 2004. IN ships, aircraft and helicopters were despatched within hours to render assistance to our Sri Lankan, Maldivian and Indonesian neighbours in distress. This swift response established our navy’s credentials as a credible regional force and the following day the Commander US Pacific Fleet sought our concurrence, telephonically, for his units to join the rescue effort.
  • India’s 21st century dilemma of global non-alignment (Mint) Given our liberal, democratic traditions, we are more naturally aligned with US values of AI development, especially on issues related to privacy and AI ethics. Yet, our population demographics and history of economic development suggest that our path of technology development should adhere more closely to China’s.

GS3: Science & Technology        

GS3: Economy    

  • A reset for agriculture(IE) Policymakers still talk of “food security” which was achieved decades ago, it’s time to plan for “nutritional self-reliance”.

GS3: Schemes       

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