GS2: Governance

Data bill gives dangerous powers...Orwellian,says author of first draft(IE)  In a note to the Joint Select Committee in Parliament deliberating on the Bill, Justice Srikrishna also said “data localisation requirement has been watered down because of lobbying by foreign companies”

Litmus test for a judicial cleanup order (TH) The next Assembly polls will prove whether the Supreme Court stand on criminal candidates has the desired effect


GS2: International Developments

Visa power: On deportation of British MP While mounting a diplomatic offensive, India should be more accommodative of criticism

World mother language day: which are the most widely spoken? (IE) UNESCO declared International Mother Language Day in 1999, to commemorate a 1952 protest against West Pakistan’s imposition of Urdu as the official language of East Pakistan (present-day Bangladesh).

"Explained: India-US ties, over the years (IE) The US feels that India is a high tariff country, and wants these reduced and a more predictable regime to conduct business. Although the growth is 10% per year, many feel the potential is much higher.

An agenda for Modi-Trump(IE)" Delhi has already stepped up its naval activity within the Gulf and beyond as part of its emergence as a regional security provider. It knows that its effectiveness will rise manifold if it acts in concert with the US and other partners. Modi and Trump could begin by laying the political foundation for such cooperation.


GS3: Environment

How India's proposal at UN event can help elephants,migratory words(IE) With a change in season, many mammals and birds move from one country to another in search of food and shelter, and for breeding. Asian elephants, also known as Indian elephants, migrate from India to Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar etc