GS2: Health

GS2: Center-State Relations

  • Circumvention The Centre has a duty not to bypass political leadership in dealing with States

GS2: Role of Civil Services in a Democracy

GS2: International Relations

GS3: Economy

GS3: Science and Technology

  • Theory by Indian Scientists to shed light on mystery behind complex phenomena in Plasma-- the fourth state of matter Indian Scientists have recently developed a theory that helps understand the complicated nature of Sun-Earth interaction's happening in the magnetosphere-- an area of space around Earth that is controlled by the Earth’s magnetic field. This new theory has opened up a plethora of opportunities to unlock the mysteries of the ion-hole structures (a localized plasma region where the ion density is lower than the surrounding plasma). They are now working towards a detailed study of the ion hole structures observed in various space and astrophysical environments using the developed theory.

GS3: Environment