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GS2: Government Policies & Interventions for Development

GS2: India and Neighbours- relations

GS2: Federalism and related issues

  • Hope and promise (Kashmir issue) The Centre’s move to engage with the political leadership in Kashmir is welcome

GS3: Indian economy

GS2: Polity

  • An oversight that left key provision of NDPS act inoperable Tripura High Court, in a significant verdict, discovered that an oversight in drafting the 2014 amendments to the NDPS Act, 1985 had unintentionally rendered a key provision of the Act, Section 27A which provides for punishment of those financing illicit trafficking, inoperable.

GS3: Environmental Conservation

GS3: Indigenization of Defence technology

  • Work begins on Krivak class frigate contract with Russia for two upgraded Krivak III-class stealth frigates. ... next year for the construction of two similar stealth frigates in India.

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GS2: India and Neighbours- relations

  • China has become a maritime power. It’s time India caught up (Maritime Agenda 2010-2020 (MA-2020),Sagarmala, Blue economy, issues) Arun Prakash writes: Naval power will play a decisive role in India-China rivalry. But India needs greater vision, realistic targets and proper implementation to achieve its maritime goals.

GS3: Major cropping patterns

  • Re-examine agri-export basket Agri-exports touched $41.8 billion in FY 2020-21, registering a growth of 18 per cent over the previous year. This has brought some cheer within government circles and helped improve domestic farm prices somewhat.

GS3: Science and Technology

  • Monoclonal anti bodies and Covid Trials in the UK have found a monoclonal antibody cocktail effective in some patients with severe Covid-19. What is this treatment, how does it compare with plasma therapy, and how much promise does it hold?

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GS1: Art and Culture

  • PM addresses on the occasion of seventh International Yoga Day The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has said the despite the pandemic, this year’s theme for International Yoga Day –“Yoga for wellness" has raised the morale of people and he wished for health of every country, society and individual and hoped that we will be united and will strengthen each other. He was speaking on the occasion of seventh International Yoga Day, today.