GS2: Governance

GS2: Scheme for vulnerable sections

  • A new social contract(IE) Touted as “employee welfare” schemes since the 1950s, both have failed their clients since birthing and in COVID.

GS3: Internal security

GS3: Environment

GS3: Science and Technology

  • Explained: How and Why of Oxygen therapy(IE) A huge demand for oxygen has underlined its importance in Covid-19 management. What happens in the body that leads to some patients needing oxygen therapy? What is the protocol for such therapy?
  • Dr Harsh Vardhan addresses the 5th Virtual Global Forum on TB Vaccine(PIB) Taking note of India’s largest burden of TB globally, he said, “We all know that Tuberculosis continues to be one of India’s most critical health challenges which have devastating health, social and financial consequences for the patients and communities at large. With an estimated 2.64 million TB patients, India has the largest burden of TB globally in terms of absolute numbers.”