GS2: Health

  1. How public health boosts an economy(TH) A stronger health system in a country can lead to better outcomes on the economic growth front
  2. Backing the ‘angels in white coats’(TH) The government has done a commendable job in handling COVID-19. The statistics show that we are doing far better than even developed countries.

GS2: Govt. interventions for vulnerable sections

  1. Cabinet approves extension of ‘Pradhan MantriVayaVandanaYojana(PIB) Extension of Pradhan MantriVayaVandanaYojana (PMVVY) up to 31st March, 2023 for further period of three years beyond 31st March, 2020.

GS2: International Relations

  1. Abbas says Israel’s annexation plan has derailed Oslo accord(TH) Sometimes called Oslo II, the interim agreement set out the scope of Palestinian autonomy in the West Bank and Gaza.
  2. India-China conflict in Ladakh: The importance of the Pangong Tso lake(IE)  The disputed boundary between India and China, also known as the Line of Actual Control (LAC), is divided into three sectors: western, middle and eastern. The countries disagree on the exact location of the LAC in various areas, so much so that India claims that the LAC is 3,488 km long while the Chinese believe it to be around 2,000 km long.
  3. Explained: The Covid-19 resolution at the World Health Assembly(IE)  Apart from this, the Assembly also addressed a global vaccine action plan with the “Immunisation Agenda 2030” that aims to ensure immunisation for all age groups to prevent the spread of preventable diseases and sustaining vaccine supplies.

GS3: Agriculture

  1. New scheme for Chhattisgarh farmers Farmers in Chhattisgarh would get up to ₹13,000 an acre a year under a new income support programme announced by the State government.

GS3: Economy

  1. Cabinet approves ₹3 lakh crore funding for MSMEs Under the scheme, 100% guarantee coverage will be provided by National Credit Guarantee Trustee Company Limited (NCGTC) to eligible MSMEs and interested borrowers of the MUDRA scheme, in the form of a Guaranteed Emergency Credit Line (GECL) facility,
  2. Explained: Why is the Companies Act being changed?(IE) The recently decriminalised offences include administrative offences such as delays in filing CSR reports, or failure to rectify the register of members in compliance with orders from the NCLT.
  3. A new owner and a road to profit: perks of PSU sale(Mint) The recently decriminalised offences include administrative offences such as delays in filing CSR reports, or failure to rectify the register of members in compliance with orders from the NCLT.
  4. Cabinet approves modifications in the existing ""Partial Credit Guarantee Scheme (PCGS)(PIB) Making NBFCs/HFCs reported under SMA-1 category on technical reasons alone during the last one year period prior to 1.8.2018 eligible. Earlier NBFCs/HFCs reported as SMA-1 or SMA-2 during this period were ineligible under the Scheme.
  5. Cabinet approves ""Scheme for formalisation of Micro Food Processing Enterprises (FME)(PIB) There are about 25 lakh unregistered food processing enterprises which constitute 98% of the sector and are unorganized and informal. Nearly 66 % of these units are located in rural areas and about 80% of them are family-based enterprises.
  6. Cabinet approves ‘Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana – A scheme to bring about Blue Revolution through sustainable and responsible development of fisheries sector in India(PIB) PMMSY envisages promotion of high value species, establishing a national network of Brood Banks for all commercially important species, Genetic improvement and establishing Nucleus Breeding Center for self-reliance in Shrimp Brood stock, organic aquaculture promotion and certification, good aquaculture practices, end to end traceability from ‘catch to consumer’, use of Block Chain Technology, Global Standards and Certification, Accreditation of Brood banks, Hatcheries, Farms, residues issues and aquatic health management supported by a modern laboratory network.

GS3: Science and Tech

  1. Solar minimum: Is it really going to bring famine, drought and freezing temperature on the Earth? (ToI) The sun rays do not shine upon us with the same intensity all the time. The brightness varies over the period, predictably after every 11 years, which marks the end of a solar cycle.

GS3: Defence

  1. Grasping the defence self reliance nettle(TH) The government’s moves will help address vulnerabilities in crises as well as strategic and national security concerns