GS2: Governance

Explained: Why India is a laggard in social mobility (IE) According to the report, the Nordic economies such as Denmark and Finland top the social mobility rankings while countries like India

GS2: International Relations

Deciphering the moves on Russia’s power chessboard (TH) Just as the countdown to the end of Russia's Vladimir Putin's presidential term draws close, he has announced major changes

Stay put (TH) Putin is maneuvering to stay politically relevant at the end of his fourth term

Explained: Dubai has been declared ‘reciprocating territory’ by India. What does this mean? (IE) The notification also declared a list of courts in the UAE to be “superior Courts” under the same

GS3: Science and Technology

Explained: What is Xenobot? (IE) Scientists in the United States have named the millimeter-wide robots “xenobiotics”

 The outbreak of Novel Coronavirus in China: Actions taken by the Health Ministry (PIB) As per WHO update (as of 11th January 2020) in all, 41 cases of Novel Coronavirus have been reported so far from China [including one death (a further update is awaited)]. As per WHO risk assessment, the risk for global spread, as of now, remains low.

GS3: Economy

Govt. yet to seek green nod for water aerodromes (TH) A year after 10 water aerodromes were awarded to airlines for seaplane operations, the government is yet to seek environmental clearance

Redesigning India’s ailing data system (TH) The present national accounting and analytical framework misses out on many key dimensions of a complex economy.

Richest 10% of Indians have three-fourths of the nation’s wealth: Oxfam (MINT) The top 1% holds over four times the wealth held by 953 million, who ... Richest 10% of Indians have three-fourths of the nation's wealth