GS2: Polity   

  • What mechanism do you have against fake news, SC asks govt. (TH);  The Supreme Court on Tuesday asked the Centre to explain its “mechanism” against fake news and bigotry on air, and to create one if it did not already exist.
  • Curbing on-air bigotry (TH) The Court appears unconvinced that the present mechanism of self-regulation, the National Broadcasting Standards Authority, is effective. It would be in order if the self-regulation mechanism deals with departures from normative journalism. And the government is, in any case, empowered under the Act to prohibit transmission of programmes that violate the programme or advertising codes (Section 19) and even an entire channel, in public interest (Section 20).

GS2: International Relations    

GS2: Health 

GS3: Economy 

  • Digital India is now a way of life, says PM (TH) Digital India mission, launched five years ago, was not being seen as any regular government initiative and had now become a way of life, especially for the poor and marginalised and those in the government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday. He asserted that ‘technology first’ was their governance model.

GS3: Economy