GS1: Modern History

GS1: Geography

  • Explained: How severe is Typhoon Goni, Asia’s most powerful tropical storm of 2020? (IE) Catastrophic violent winds and intense to torrential rainfall associated with the region of the eyewall and inner rainbands of the typhoon is prevailing or expected within the next 12 hours over the western portion of Camarines Sur, Marinduque, the central and southern portions of Quezon, Laguna, the eastern portion of Batangas, and Cavite. This is a particularly dangerous situation for these areas

GS2: Polity

GS2: International Relations 

GS3: Economy  

GS3: Internal Security 

  • Explained: What is Army Aviation Corps, the youngest Corps of the Indian Army (IE) Immediately after raising, the units of the Corps were pressed into action in Operation Pawan by the Indian Peacekeeping Forces, in the mostly jungle areas of Sri Lanka against the Tamil Tigers. Ever since, AAC helicopters have been an inseparable part of fighting formations in all major conflict scenarios, and a life-saving asset in peace times.

GS3: Science & Technology