GS1: Geography        

  • Explained: How big is the cyclonic threat on the west coast?(IE) Cyclones formed in the Bay of Bengal side of the north Indian Ocean are more frequent and stonger than those on the Arabian Sea side. Meteorologists suggest the relatively cold waters of the Arabian Sea discourage the kind of very strong cyclones that are formed on the Bay of Bengal side; Odisha and Andhra Pradesh face the brunt of these cyclones every year.

GS2: Polity       

  • Judging wisely in tough times(IE) With the decline of purity in politics and the onset of corruption and inefficiency in public services, the judiciary has been emboldened into assuming more and more power over the legislature and executive.

GS2: International Relations    

GS3: Economy        

 GS3: Environment    

GS3: Agriculture      

GS3: Schemes    
Kisan Credit Cards (KCC) campaign launched for 1.5 crore dairy farmers(PIB) As, dairy is among the fastest growing sectors of the economy with a CAGR of above 6% in the last 5 years, providing short term credit to dairy farmers for meeting their requirements for working capital, marketing etc. will boost their productivity tremendously.