GS1: Culture   

  • The first ever SCO Online International Exhibition on Shared Buddhist Heritage commences today (PIB) The visitors can explore theIndian Buddhist treasures from the Gandharaand Mathura Schools, Nalanda, Amaravati, Sarnathetc. in a 3D virtual format.ThePakistan hall depicts the life of Gautama Buddha and Buddhist Art through a collection of impressive Gandharaart objects from Karachi, Lahore,Taxlia, Islamabad, SWAT and Peshawar museums. These include fasting Siddhartha and footprint of Buddha from Sikri, meditating Buddha from SahriBahloi, miracle of Sravasti from Gandhara etc.

GS2: Polity

  • Hold polls where NOTA got most votes: petition (TH)  “Right to reject and elect new candidate will give power to the people to express their discontent ... Right to reject will check corruption, criminalisation, casteism, communalism ... parties would be forced to give tickets to honest and patriotic candidates

GS2: International Relations

GS3: Internal Security   

GS3: Environment

  • Centre constitutes committee for implementation of 2015 Paris Agreement (DTE) AIPA has been constituted with the purpose of “ensuring a coordinated response on climate change matters that protects the country’s interests and ensures that India is on track towards meeting its climate change obligations under the Paris Agreement including its submitted Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs)”.