GS2: Polity    

GS3: Economy   

  • Indian Railways issues draft National Rail Plan (PIB) To create capacity ahead of demand by 2030, which in turn would cater to growth in demand right up to 2050 and also increase the modal share of Railways from 27% currently to 45% in freight by 2030 as part of a national commitment to reduce Carbon emission and to continue to sustain it. Net Zero Carbon emission by 2030.

GS3: Science & Technology     

  • Explained: What is the ‘Christmas Star’ conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter and how can you see it? (IE) A conjunction is not unique to Saturn and Jupiter however, it is the name given to any event where planets or asteroids appear to be very close together in the sky when viewed from the Earth. In June 2005 for instance, as a result of the “spectacular” conjunction, Mercury, Venus and Saturn appeared so close together in the sky that the patch of sky where the three planets were could be covered by a thumb. Astronomers use the word “great” for the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn because of the planets’ sizes.

GS3: Environment 

  • European bison recovering, 31 species declared Extinct The European bison (Bison bonasus), Europe’s largest land mammal, has moved from Vulnerable to Near Threatened thanks to continued conservation efforts, according to today’s update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. With this update, 31 species also move into the Extinct category, and all of the world’s freshwater dolphin species are now threatened with extinction.