GS2: Polity     

GS2: Governance   

  • Still awaiting police reform (TH)  It is time for the judiciary to step in and enforce the diktats it had passed in 2006. Police brutality in recent months has turned quotidian.
  • Focus on individual manipulators: BARC (TH)  “BARCs management team works with full confidence and support of Board and the various Committees. BARC continues to be driven by only one goal: to generate ratings that its subscribers rely on which are deeply rooted in science, report with the greatest sense of responsibility and truly reflect ‘What India Watches’

GS2: Social Issues

GS2: International Relations

GS3: Environment 

GS3: Defence 

GS3: Science & Technology    

  • CSIR-CMERI develops Sustainable Municipal Solid Waste Processing Facility (PIB)  “Ineffective processing of Wastes are the root of all diseases as the dumped Landfills become the Contamination Hubs for Pathogens, Bacteria and Viruses. Besides, they also become the cauldron for emission of Methane Gas, especially during the churning mechanisms deployed during Composting processes. Composting also does not yield impactful economic returns for the entrepreneurs. The mixed nature of wastes in the current scenario can easily lead to infiltration of heavy metals into agricultural produce, through the indiscriminate creation of Composts.