GS1: Geography    

GS1: Social Issues        

GS2: Polity      

  • Unknown sources funding parties(TH) As much as 67% of donations to national parties in 2018-19 came from “unknown sources,” an increase from 53% in the previous financial year.

GS2: Governance        

  • Union Finance Minister announces several initiatives to boost Education Sector(PIB) The Minister highlighted that the education sector has taken this opportunity to plan several interventions, particularly in the area of adopting innovative curriculum and pedagogies, concentrating energies on the gap areas, being more inclusive and integrating technology at every stage, to usher in a new era of focussed investment in the human capital.

GS2: International Relations   

GS3: Infrastructure      

GS3: Economy      

GS3: Environment        

GS3: Science & Technology        

GS3: Internal Security