GS2: Polity

GS2: Governance

  • If you want guidelines,regulate digital media first, Centre tells SC (IE) A three-judge Bench of the Court had on September 15 restrained Sudarshan TV from airing the remaining episodes of the show, which it had been promoting with the hashtag UPSC_Jihad. While doing so, it had hinted that it plans to set up a panel to suggest guidelines for electronic media.
  • Pandemic And Federalism(IE) Why should the Centre spend, Debroy asked, on a state subject like health and why couldn’t states contribute to a Union subject like defence?
  • For the welfare of animals(TH) The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PCA) Act, 1960 punishes the most serious forms of animal violence with a paltry fine of ₹50. We’ve had amendment bills, social media campaigns and petitions before the Supreme Court seeking stricter punishment for animal abuse, but to no avail.

GS2: International Relations

GS3: Economy


  • National Water Policy The proposed National Bureau of Water Use Efficiency (NBWUE) will have the overall responsibility of improving water use efficiency across various sectors, namely irrigation, drinking water supply, power generation, industries, cities and all other areas where water is used.